Transforming Spaces (TS15) will feature the following galleries:



Doongalik Studios Art Gallery

Doongalik’s response to this year’s “SUSTAIN” theme is encapsulated in the African adinkra symbol  of  the  sankofa bird that adorns its entry wall. The exhibition, entitled “Embracing the Past to sustain the Future” will focus on Bahamian Straw. Patrons will be treated to a journey that will take them back to the past and forward into the future via the present utilizing a variety of art mediums from multiple creatives who will proudly expose this extremely important part of our Bahamian heritage.


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Hillside House

The TS15 Community project, entitled “I have a dream, I am the dream, we are the dream”, was spearheaded by Antonius Roberts owner of Hillside House and TS founding member and treasurer. The goal of the project was to use the creative arts at the Lend A Hand Bahamas community center - which is an active and safe environment – as the vehicle to not only provide positive collaborative projects for youth involvement in their community, but also to provide a stimulus for social and economic growth in the area. 

Hillside House will be transformed into an information center for the mural and community art project. Some of the works created by the children of Lewis Street during Saturday afternoon sessions will be featured. Additionally, video documentation and photos of the progress of the “We are the dream” mural wall will be on display.

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The Current at Popup Studios

In January 2008, Popop Studios expanded its reach and facilities to accommodate resident artists, as well as an exhibition space. Popop became a self-sustaining entity of the Bahamian art community, providing exposure to students through its residency program while representing The Bahamas, and providing platforms for artists on a regional and international level. Over the years Popop became home to so many, but in the wake of hurricane Matthew, Popop became uninhabitable due to sever roof damage. 

Popop now takes on a new life seeking to pay homage to it’s rich artistic and cultural past while embarking on an new chapter with new leadership and partnerships. In lieu of a fruitful partnership with Dawn Davies where works from her collection helped significantly populate the Fairwind exhibition. The Dawn Davies collection occupies many other public areas on the property including The Rosewood we were able to arrange a reciprocation to support the significant renovation of  Popop Studios. 



D'Aguilar Art Foundation

The D’Aguilar Art Foundation is pleased to present “The Likeness of Being”, an exhibition featuring the portraiture of five Bahamian artists: Keith Thompson, Kaychelle Knowles, Gio Swaby, Spurgeonique Morley, and Allan Wallace. Each of their works explores the themes of preserving the body – specifically the black body – as it navigates the natural and social environments around them.  Incorporating realism and folklore, these works present the artists’ different perspectives of self, and the unique and vibrant ways they view their individuality.  


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University of The Bahamas

Information Coming Soon. 







The D'Aguilar Art Foundation

8A Virginia Street

The Likeness of Being



Doongalik Studios

#20 Village ROAD

SANKOFA: Embracing The Past To Sustain The Future



Hillside House


I Have A Dream. We Are The Dream



The Current at Popop Studios


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University of The Bahamas 


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